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Restaurant Brasserie Avion

Restaurant Brasserie Avion was opened in 2003 after an extensive reconstruction of the residence of the original wool processing factory owner, Leo Brill. Villa was build between years 1903-1905. After nationalization, during the period of building socialism, until 1989, there was a day nursery on the premises.

An intention to establish the restaurant in the villa came out of pleasant and quiet environment, where this building is situated and the size of a ground plan of the construction.

Restaurant Brasserie Avion

The restaurant name – Restaurant Brasserie Avion was created from the conjunction of three words. Brasserie, which is a mixture of restaurant and cafe, is a popular and widely spread type of eatery in France especially. Avion arose from searching for some up-to-date names of the 30´s last century. The additional word restaurant was chosen to simplify the perception of “at that time” unfamiliar word Brasserie. Since 2003, the name Brasserie has become well-known and it has been used in common communication among the public.

Brasserie Avion is focused on haute cuisine for discerning customers, who feel convenient in pleasant and cosy environment, where the only high quality and fresh ingredients are used. We serve the finest selection of vintage vine from South Moravia.