Bruschetta with tomatoes and mozzarella

139 CZK

Duck pate with cranberries, bread

109 CZK

Beef tartar with garlic puree and cornishons, toasts

159 CZK


Cold cucumber soup

55 CZK

Strong home-made consommé with vegetables and noodles

49 CZK

Main Courses

Steak (300g) of mature beef according to the current offer

349 CZK

Roasted sirloin served with dumpling variation, root vegetable cream sauce

189 CZK

Beef cheeks drawn in red wine, glazed root vegetables, potato purée

239 CZK

Duck leg confit served with braised red cabbage, homemade dumplings

239 CZK

Pork tenderloin (sous-vide), grilled vegetables with chilean meter, herb demi glace

239 CZK

Caesar salad with chicken, Grana Padano, white bread croutons

189 CZK

Spicy grilled pork ribs, pickled vegetables, home-made bread

199 CZK

Tagliatelle with salsa from roasted peppers, cherry tomatoes, parsley and pecorino romano


189 CZK

300g double beef burger with bacon, chedar cheese and pickled cucumbers, steak fries, BBQ mayonnaise


249 CZK

Portobello burger with herb créme fraiche and gorgonzola, baked potatoes (200g)

199 CZK

Evening menu - FISH

Leaves of young salad with pickled vegetables and croquettes of goat cheese in panko breadcrumbs

179 CZK

Salmon tartar, capari, lime, lemon puree, white bread toast

159 CZK

Rainbow trout fillet (Mr. Halamíček's trout), confit tomatoes, zucchini ragout, bulgur lemon

229 CZK

Mussels on white wine, chilli and garlic, focaccia

199 CZK

Roasted shrimps, lettuce with fennel and orange

209 CZK

Grilled cow cheese from Horut's organic farm, salad with watermelon, tomatoes

199 CZK

Childrens dishes

1/2 Roasted sirloin served with root vegetables cream sauce and Carlsbad dumpling (80g)

1/2 Roasted sirloin served with root vegetables cream sauce and Carlsbad dumpling

89 CZK

Schnitzel of Maxidog Fik


Vienna schnitzel with mashed  potatoes and butter

89 CZK


By the daily menu

69 CZK